No drug and no food, no actor in a rented house on lockdown; The Mahabharata series’ In


BR Chopra’s Mahabharata series, the second coming of the season, is going to be a huge hit. But Satheesh Kaul, who played the role of Indra in the series, is also hired to eat medicine and food. Seventy-three-year-old Sathish has made a request to show his love for him as an actor.

The actor, popularly known as ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ in the Punjabi film, was in Ludhiana till recently. She recently moved to a rented house with the help of a woman named Satyadevi. With the financial assistance provided by the Punjab government, it has struggled to cope with the increase of the lockdown.

Satish moved from Punjab to Mumbai in 2011 while completing her acting career. The rhythm of Satheesh’s life began to change after he started an acting school. The actor, who has lost all the money he earned for school, is now in a financial crisis. She worked for a meager salary at a college in Patiala. But five years ago, when an osteoarthritis of the rib cage collapsed, that income fell. Satheesh was in the hospital for about two and a half years and later moved to Vivekananda’s old age home in Ludhiana. C

Satheesh says that if people have not forgotten me, they are ready to act again. According to news agency PTI, the news of Satish was released.

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