No conflict between India and China; Army fakes video spreading on social media – NEWS 360 – NATIONAL


NEW DELHI: The Indian Army has officially announced that a video circulated on social media alleging a clash at the Indo-China border is fake. The motive behind the propaganda of the video is to add to the problems at the border. At present, there are no casualties, military sources said.

It seeks to reach consensus through negotiations between the two countries. Efforts are being made under the guidance of senior military officers. Some condemn the propaganda about issues that could even affect national security. Such propaganda can only exacerbate border problems. Military sources said the video footage was requested by the media not to be aired on any grounds.

Foreign Minister Rajnath Singh said yesterday that the two countries would resolve the issue through bilateral talks. “There is no need for US mediation on the issue,” Singh said. Rajnath Singh is also reported to have clarified India’s position during a telephone conversation with US Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

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