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Health insurer CZ does not intend to pay for the ultimately unused emergency hospital for corona patients at the MECC in Maastricht. Now that the largest health insurer in South Limburg does not pay, the question is who will do that.
Research by the Investico platform shows that the emergency hospital was hastily built without support from the Regional Consultative Acute Care Chain (ROAZ). MUMC + hospital took the initiative for the emergency hospital.
In the ROAZ, hospitals, general practitioners and nursing homes estimate the need for additional facilities, such as an emergency hospital. On 17 March, health insurers indicated that they would only reimburse unforeseen corona care if the ROAZ had agreed to an action.
No approval
So there was no explicit approval from other healthcare institutions when the reception center was built in the Maastricht conference center. Due to the lack of agreements, the insurer CZ refuses to contribute to the financing of the emergency hospital. The question is who will now pay for the costs.
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A spokesperson for the MUMC + confirms that the hospital itself has taken the decision to set up the emergency hospital in collaboration with the MECC. This was not preceded by an order from the minister. The spokesperson cannot make any statements about the time when the other healthcare institutions were informed. The bill is in any case about 4.5 million euros.
Jack Jansen, a member of the ROAZ South Limburg and responsible for the now also closed corona center in the Van der Valk hotel in Urmond, tells Investico that the construction of the emergency hospital came as a surprise. “We would agree on capacity with each other. I think I should have known, “said Jansen.
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276 beds
Since the beginning of May, the MECC also officially no longer functions as an emergency hospital for corona patients. There, 276 extra beds were ready to accommodate corona patients, but in the end no patients were accommodated.
The hospitals in Limburg currently suffer more than a hundred million euros in damage from the corona crisis. It is expected that health insurers will cover a large part of the costs there. Talks have been held between hospitals, insurers and the government for some time.
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