Nissan is cutting almost all of its factory workers in the United States


The Japanese company Nissan will cut about 10,000 of its workers in the United States, which is almost the entire workforce in its American factories, reports Nikkei.

The layoffs will affect employees at the Japanese manufacturer’s car and engine factories in Tennessee and Mississippi, as operations at those plants have been suspended since mid-March as a result of the Kovid-19 pandemic.

The Nikkei information states that the fired employees will not be paid by Nissan, but it seems that the company plans to hire some workers again after production at the plants restarts.

Nissan also plans to lay off most of its 6,000 workers in the UK and about 3,000 workers in Spain. According to information from the Kyodo News agency Nissan aims to cut more than 20,000 jobs or about 15% of its total workforce globally as part of its restructuring plans, which were triggered after the company’s declining sales as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, BNR reports.

Unnamed Kyodo News sources claim that Japanese carmaker considers firing staff in Europe, as well as in some “emerging markets”. Following the information about the upcoming mass layoffs, the shares of Nissan Motor Co. fell on the Tokyo Stock Exchange by 2.5%, and since the beginning of the year they have depreciated by more than 40 percent.

Photo: Bloomberg / Ian Forsyth

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