Nine flights from UAE to Kerala | 9 airline from UAE to Kerala


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 As part of the Vandebharat mission, the third schedule of special flights from the UAE to India has been announced. Data released May 26 and 27 There will be nine flights from the UAE to Kerala. These flights are for those who are pregnant, the elderly, the sick, and those who have lost their jobs. Name must be registered on the website of the Embassy of India and the Consulate. The list will be based on direct information from the authorities.

The first flight will depart from Dubai at 12.50 pm on December 26 (IX 1746) and will depart Abu Dhabi-Kozhikode (IX 1348) at 1.20 pm and Dubai-Kochi IX 1540 (1.50 pm). The service will be Abu Dhabi-Thiruvananthapuram IX 1538 at 3.20 pm, Dubai-Kozhikode IX 1344, Dubai-Thiruvananthapuram IX 1540 at 5.20 pm and Abu Dhabi-Kannur IX 1716 at 5.30 pm. On December 27, Abu Dhabi-Kozhikode IX 1348 will leave at 12.20 pm and Abu Dhabi-Kochi IX 1452 service at 1.50 pm.

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