Nikolay Ovcharov for the Macedonian language: with meekness, with kindness and with a little corner


Macedonian historians are trying to disprove indisputable facts and have set traps in the documents. This is the position of the historian Prof. Nikolai Ovcharov in conjunction with practically interrupted conversations at the level of a commission between Bulgarian and Macedonian scientists, but the renewed remarks of political level.

According to Ovcharov, disputes over Macedonian language and history can be resolved “with meekness, with good and with a little corner“, as Andrey Lyapchev says.


Bulgaria does not give unconditional support to Northern Macedonia

To stop playing with history and the past, Borissov advised

Ovcharov is adamant that c There is no historical plan for the Macedonian language, such a language was created artificially after 1944, and the Macedonian state can be spoken of again after 1944. The historian also gave examples.

“First, Bulgarians need to know. There is nothing to talk about the distant history of the 11th century, but there are examples from the 19th century when nations were formed. Kiril Pejcinovic and Joakim Karchovski on the title pages of their books they have noted that they are written in “the simplest Bulgarian language from Lower Moesia. Miladinovi brothers have noted that they have collected Bulgarian songs. ”

“All this evidence cannot be refuted,” Ovcharov said, adding: Samuel is a Bulgarian king, but he is Macedonian. The same is true for the Revivalists until the 20th century.

Prof. Topalov on the negotiations with Macedonia: It is as if you are facing a wall

Prof. Topalov on the negotiations with Macedonia: It is as if you are facing a wall

The Joint Historical Commission stalled over the issue with Gotse Delchev

“It is clear that after 1944 a Macedonian language was being made, a state was being made. They wanted a language that was different from Bulgarian. According to the treaty, this means that Macedonians must lose their history and it must begin in 1944. This is a stumbling block, “Ovcharov said, explaining that for years the minds of Macedonians have been poisoned that Bulgarians are occupiers and Tatars.

And there are good examples in history such as Austria and Germany – no one disputes that German is spoken in Vienna.

According to the historian, the commission itself was born barren.

How is

How is “Gotse Delchev” in Old Macedonian?

If the Macedonians have decided that they are something different from the Bulgarians – great, this is their right. But to feel different, they do not necessarily have to prove that Adam and Eve were Macedonians. To find the strength to be proud of something they are at the moment, advises Ivan Stambolov – Sula

Gotse Delchev was the big stumbling block in the work of the commission. For the Comintern and the creation of the Macedonian state itself we haven’t even talked, “Ovcharov said, who said it was difficult to resolve the disputes. He said the Macedonian side used the commission more to pounding the ball and if possible until it happens to enter the EU.

According to Ovcharov, this cannot happen and this has been clearly stated, including by the European Commission.

Hristian Mickoski: I have no dilemma for our Macedonian Gotse Delchev

Hristian Mickoski: I have no dilemma for our Macedonian Gotse Delchev

His conversation with Borissov was initiated by the Bulgarian Prime Minister

We remind you the joint multidisciplinary panel of experts on the historical and educational issues of Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia was established as a result of Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborliness and Cooperation between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia, signed on August 1, 2017 and entered into force on February 14, 2018. The stumbling block at work of the experts is precisely the personality of Gotse Delchev. The Bulgarian part of the commission refused to accept the two countries to celebrate together the holiday of the legendary figure and ideologue of IMRO on October 7, when his bones were handed over to Skopje by Georgi Dimitrov.

After the meeting on September 13, which was described as “the most barren” so far, head of state Rumen Radev has convened an urgent consultative meeting at which he insisted on drawing red lines towards northern Macedonia.

In the beginning of October Bulgaria set conditions for Northern Macedonia,, to get our support for EU membership. One of them is for Northern Macedonia to achieve concrete results precisely on the topic of important and more modern events and historical figures in our common history.

Gotse Delchev is one of the most famous Macedonian heroes, said Zoran Zaev

Gotse Delchev is one of the most famous Macedonian heroes, said Zoran Zaev

Today marks 148 years since the birth of Gotse Delchev

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