Nick Kyrios constantly goes out with different fans, his favorites are from Eastern Europe


Australian Nick Kyrios, who is arguably the most controversial figure in men’s tennis at the moment, has made curious revelations about his personal life.

While playing the popular video game “Fortnite”, the tennis player revealed that he regularly goes out with various fans, and quite often has sex with them.

He also revealed that Eastern European fans are definitely his favorites.

Seriously, if I don’t see someone, it lasts a maximum of a week. I constantly meet with my fans.

Eastern Europeans have simply taken over my heart from the beginning. When I’m around them, I just tell them, “Take half of my money straight.”, shares Kyrios.

He also revealed a case when, during a match against Roger Federer, he noticed a beautiful girl in the audience and just wanted the match to end in order to go out with her.

I played against Federer and said to myself, “Wow.” I just wanted to take her out for a drink“.

The Australian’s personal life has been widely discussed in recent weeks. He ended his relationship with his colleague Anna Kalinskaya, and she, in turn, did not speak kindly of the character of Kyrios.

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