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The National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria strongly opposes another hybrid attack on Bulgaria and Bulgarian history.

On the eve of May 24 in front of the Russian Cultural Information Center in Sofia was presented an exhibition dedicated to the creation of writing, which completely distorts the historical facts with the ugly goal to downplay Bulgaria’s contribution to the creation of writing and statehood – not only Russia but also of a number of other Slavic states.

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Once again, the Bulgarian origin of the first teachers Cyril and Methodius (Zarko and Strahota), who created the first Bulgarian alphabet and script based on the southern Bulgarian dialects, is saved. The huge role of the First Bulgarian Kingdom and of Kliment Ohridski (whom historical sources say is a “native of Moesia”), Naum Preslavski, as well as the Bulgarian kings Boris and Simeon in the creation and imposition of the Cyrillic alphabet, which Today, more than 300 million people on the planet write.

Not a word is mentioned about the fact that the Bulgarian students of Cyril and Methodius brought to pagan Russia education, culture and Christianity with the Bulgarian books of the Preslav and Ohrid literary schools. And they perform this feat among the leather-clad northern tribes who prayed on the stumps. Not a word about the second revival of Christianity in Russia, carried out by the Bulgarian Metropolitan Cyprian of Kiev / also known as the Bulgarian, nor a word about his contribution to saving Moscow from the Tatar hordes of Tamerlane. It is inadmissible in the center of Sofia, entitled “The Source of Slavic Culture”, to exhibit an exhibition presenting only Russian documents and artifacts, blatantly concealing the historical truth and representing nothing but Russian imperial folklore.

Bulgarian history still bears the bruises of the whip of Russian historians – humiliated, crushed and manipulated. Unfortunately, Bulgarian historical science continued the line of nihilism instilled by Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev during the 45 years of Soviet dictatorship. Even today, Russia’s rulers continue to replace Bulgarian history: – For example, Russian President Putin discovered that the script came from Macedonian soil – Russian Metropolitan Juvenal at the May 24 celebration in the Russian city of Kolomna caused a historic sensation with the discovery that Cyril and Methodius have created the Russian alphabet.

In 2018, Patriarch Kiril instructively taught Bulgarian President Radev whom to worship Bulgaria for its liberation from the Ottoman yoke, erasing the contributions of thousands of Romanian, Finnish, Ukrainian and other soldiers. The NFSB urges the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry to react to the scandalous and provocative exhibition organized at the Russian Cultural Information Center in Sofia. And the Prosecutor’s Office and SANS should finally enter their role and protect the Bulgarian state from the creation and financing of openly pro-Russian and anti-Bulgarian political parties, media and paramilitary organizations aimed at defeating the Bulgarian state and diverting our country from the European path of development.

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