next pandemic is coming, report of US scientist | US scientist has warned of the coming pestilence that will eliminate half the world’s population


New York: When Covid arrived at the world, everyone said there was no greater tragedy. Scientists from China followed suit, warning that this was just the tip of the iceberg and that it was even bigger. Here comes US scientist Michael Gregor with the next shocking revelation. He says the next pestilence is coming, which will eliminate half the world’s people.

In his book How to Survive a Pandemic, Gregor states that Kovid is a precursor to this and that the next virus is likely to be caused by chickens growing on unhealthy conditions on farms. Ammonia, which is excreted from poultry excrement, creates conditions for the spread of diseases. On farms they are reared in such a way that they are unable to move. All this would lead to more accidents. The influenza virus is spread from pets. The virus, which spread from 1918 to 20, killed 50 million people. About one third of the population was infected.

The main cause of these diseases is the close association of humans with animals. Tuberculosis bacteria, which causes tuberculosis, came to humans from sheep. Smallpox came to humans from camels, leprosy fever, and rabid pigs. His observation that such a man is weakened in his defense against pestilence.


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