Newspaper: America is discussing conducting its first nuclear test in decades


On Friday evening, the Washington Post quoted a senior official and two former officials familiar with the matter, that the administration of US President Donald Trump last week discussed its first nuclear test since 1992.

The article said that this issue was raised during a meeting of senior officials representing the largest national security apparatus after accusations from the administration that Russia and China were conducting nuclear tests with low explosive power.

The report added that the meeting did not reach any agreement to conduct a nuclear test. He said that a decision was finally taken to take other measures in response to the threats posed by Russia and China and to avoid a resumption of the tests.

US officials were not immediately available to comment on this, according to “Reuters”.

A NATO official said that NATO envoys in Brussels will discuss the future of the open skies treaty, after the United States announced that it will withdraw from the treaty, which includes 35 member states, and which allows member states unarmed air reconnaissance flights over each other.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that the withdrawal of the United States from the “open skies” treaty was an unfortunate step, because it is the primary document to ensure mutual trust in Europe.

The director of the Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Yermakov, said that Washington has not yet notified Moscow of withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty, but if that happens, it will be an unfortunate step, “there are no data so far,” adding “if this actually happened, That would be regrettable, of course. Unfortunately, this is in line with the general line of the current (US) administration to undermine all arms control agreements. This is a fundamental treaty in terms of ensuring predictability and mutual trust in Europe and more broadly. ”

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