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Wuhan: The city of Wuhan, China, is famous for its Kovid virus. Wuhan is said to be the epicenter of the virus. The Chinese government has come up with a new law, with Kovid 19 spreading across the globe. In the Chinese city of Wuhan, wild animals were banned from hunting and eating. The decision comes amid mounting pressure from world states that the origins and causes of Kovid’s spread across the world are from the Wuhan market.

Wuhan has now completely banned wildlife use and outlawed wildlife trade. The government has released new regulations on its official website. But in China, there are also protesters who eat meat to prove that Kovid origin does not originate from wildlife meat. According to the new law, wild animals and all their products are forbidden from consumption in Wuhan. All animals listed on the National and Hube Provincial Protection pages are included in the ban, including animals that live in the desert. The precious aquatic life is also considered. Wildlife or wildlife products in China, which prohibit farmers to leave the money in the breeding of animals parayunnu.videsa official document anuvadamillennum persons to engage in commercial activities in the institution or to use or process used to provide the government has to ready reports Adding.

Kovid 19 was launched from the Huanah Seafood Wholesale. There they were gathered into the herd. Reports indicate that in addition to marine products, the market was used to sell foreign animals such as salamanders, bats, snakes and pork.

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