New scandal with a Russian exhibition in our country: Cyril and Methodius – “reformers of the Slavic alphabet”


An exhibition at the Russian Cultural Center in Sofia presents Cyril and Methodius as reformers of the Slavic alphabet, creators of the Church Slavonic language and the first disseminators of literacy and education in Russia. The exhibition, arranged on the eve of the brightest Bulgarian holiday May 24, caused the indignation of leading historians and philologists in our country.

Manuscripts tracing the history of our writing are arranged on a dozen panels in front of the entrance of the cultural information center, without mentioning Bulgaria’s contribution to it. They are part of the collection of the Moscow State United Art Historical-Architectural and Natural-Landscape Museum-Reserve.

Each information note describing a facsimile of the manuscripts begins with “Moscow”. Reproductions of popular Russian icons have also been added, so that there is no doubt where the Slavic script came from.

In the exposition entitled “The Source of Slavic Culture” only Russian documents and artifacts are selected, and the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius are described as follows:

“St. Cyril, nicknamed the Philosopher (827-869) and his brother Methodius of Moravia – born in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, reformers of the Slavic alphabet, creators of the Church Slavonic language, the first spreaders of literacy and education in Russia.”

The avoidance of Bulgaria as a major factor in the spread of the alphabet continues in the description of the Solovetsky Monastery, where, according to the photo, there were over 4,000 volumes in “ancient Russian, Greek and Latin.”

The topic was also commented by President Rumen Radev. He said he also briefed President Vladimir Putin on his position last year.

“Russia received its writing from Bulgaria, Christianity and the Old Bulgarian Church Slavonic language came from Russia to our Bulgarian lands.”, Stressed the head of state.

Three years ago, in 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement to his then Macedonian counterpart Georgi Ivanov, stating that the Slavic script came to Russia from “Macedonian soil.” This also provoked many reactions in Bulgaria.

Last year, another Russian exhibition in Sofia caused serious tension – on May 9. The planned exhibition was entitled “75 years since the liberation of Eastern Europe from Nazism.” Then the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry advised the Russian side to give up, as the event supports a “dubious historical thesis” and represents “interference in the domestic political debate of our country.”

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