New National Security Council on Wednesday, June 3


A new meeting of the National Security Council is scheduled for Wednesday, June 3. This was reported by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès after the agreement on the children’s and youth camps for the summer.

The next step of the National Security Council will look at the next step (phase 3) in easing lockdown measures. The cultural sector, sport and the catering industry will be central to this, reports the Wilmès cabinet.

“But it will also be considered when and to what extent it is possible to allow more social contacts, to have religious ceremonies take place again and to hold events of different sizes this summer,” it says.

The timing of the meeting, Wednesday 3 June, will only come after the further reopening of the schools proposed by Flanders. Flanders wants to reopen all schools more widely from 2 June. Flemish Minister of Education Ben Weyts (N-VA) also assumes that the Security Council will approve that advice “as soon as possible”. “It is not always the case that an entire sector presents a substantiated proposal, which is then also covered by the GEES experts. Deviating from this now would be a bit bizarre, especially if you know that the whole of Flanders is longing for an additional reopening, ”says Weyts.

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