New Mercedes C-Class (2021) spotted


Check out what we have here, a camouflaged sedan with a striking logo on the grille. A loyal Autovisie reader ran into the newcomer and captured the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

See here the next generation Mercedes C-Class, which should appear on the road next year. This copy has not escaped, but covers the last test kilometers on the German Autobahn. It is not yet known when the market introduction will actually follow. Before the corona crisis, Mercedes-Benz worked towards a sales start in the first quarter of 2021.

Four-door coupé

At least for the sedan. A new C-Class never comes on its own. After the four-door variant follows an extended version for the Chinese market, followed in 2022 by the station wagon and the Coupé and the Cabriolet in 2023. A four-door coupe would already be of the current generation, but the car builder looked out of fear of cannibalism with the CLA from. The variant is also not based on the new edition, the story goes.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Custom platform

The C-Class 2021 gets the platform MRA-II, which is an evolution of the existing bottom section. Unlike the current architecture, the new construction is more suitable for electrification and can accommodate a larger battery. There is no fully electric version. Mercedes-Benz limits itself to electrical support for the four- and six-cylinder engines. Reportedly, Mercedes-Benz will discontinue a V8 for the AMG trim. It will be replaced by an electrified four-burner engine, from which the technicians from Affalterbach seem to obtain a power that is at the level of the 4.0 V8 engine.

Two screens

Mercedes-Benz gives the C-Class a design that builds on that of the new S-Class, which the Germans will soon propose. This applies to both the outside and the inside. Most striking is the design of the dashboard. Where the current C-Class Mercedes skipped the style of two juxtaposed screens, the new generation will receive a digital instrumentation with large display on the center tunnel à la the next S-Class later this year.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Body styles

Mercedes starts the fifth generation C-Class with the latest edition. The pedigree started in 1982 with the 190, which was nicknamed “Baby Benz”. The “compact” designation first appeared in 1993. That model was available as a sedan and as a Combi. The second generation appeared in 2000 and in addition to the existing body variants, Mercedes first released a hatchback. That model was not followed up. The 2007 edition was again only available as a sedan and as an Estate. The current generation has been in the showroom since 2014 and underwent a facelift in 2018. For the first time, the product line received a Coupé and Cabriolet. The C Cabriolet is the best-selling open Mercedes.

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