New Kia ‘Optima’ is not coming to Europe


The Kia Optima will not return to the Netherlands. Not even in Europe. The COO of Kia Europe, Emilio Herrera, has informed Autovisie about this. The brand new Kia K5, the successor to the car that was sold here as Optima, passes us by. According to the COO, Kia no longer sees any point in this. According to him, Kia has looked at the possibilities to wear the new K5 again as Optima on our continent, but saw too little market for it. Only the Polish and Swedish markets still looked reasonably rosy, according to him, but that does not do enough. Also because of the highly competitive German middle classes here, people no longer want to.

With the disappearance of the Optima from the Netherlands, a relatively long period of larger Kia sedans in the Netherlands comes to an end. It started here with the Kia Magentis, which came onto the market here in 2000. A brave and certainly not wrong attempt by the South Koreans, but it was not a sales success. The remarkable Opirus, another step above the Magentis, was certainly a special and not very promising story. The second Magentis, again related to the Hyundai Sonata, could not change that. With the Optima, which immediately showed much more potential than its predecessors from its market launch in 2012, Kia saw significantly better figures. Hybrid and later also plug-in hybrid versions clearly contributed to this. We received two generations of the Optima, which together accounted for 2,180 copies sold in our country. Given the numbers, Kia’s decision is understandable, but it is a pity at the same time.

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