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London is set to become the largest car-free city in the world. If everything goes as planned, London will become the world’s largest car-free capital city. While disclosing the details of the project, Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that some parts of central London will be transformed in partnership with the Transport of London (TFL), with an emphasis on cycling and walking. Preliminary work for this has already begun. The aim of the authorities is to attract more tourists.

Central London will be the first Carfree Zone. Limited buses, cyclists and pedestrians can be found on some popular streets such as Shoreditch, London Bridge Holborn, Euston, Old Street and Waterloo. . The mayor said the move would help in gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions. Many Londoners have experienced the joy of cycling and walking during the lockdown. The plan is to widen the sidewalks and make roadways and temporary bicycle lanes accessible to people. This will help you to explore the city more closely. It will also improve the health of the people. Bicycle lines have been painted on the roads for cycling.

Currently, details of the plan and the exact timeframe have not been disclosed. A spokesman for TFL said it had been in discussions with other London officials to finalize details of car-free areas. After that the locations for the project will be decided.

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