New exceptional features and tasks in Gmail, … work that way


The American company “Google” introduced exceptional new features and tasks in its most famous mail in the world, “Gmail”.

These new features allowed “Gmail” to send and receive messages and share important files and documents in a comprehensive and comprehensive way, so that they benefit those working at home or studying remotely, as a precautionary measure to confront the new Corona virus, which causes Covid 19.

The “Times News Now” that the “Gmail” mail allows the ability to send and receive messages in bulk without any restrictions.


Google launches an update to Gmail that makes searching easier

Gmail added a number of Quick Settings menu, which add new features through which the user can customize their inbox.

And Google pointed out that the new Quick Settings menu in “Gmail”, which can search and design each user’s inbox.

The new update will be available to all G-Sweet customers and all those with personal Gmail accounts.

The new settings will also allow users to customize email density, choose a new inbound mail type, and apply new attributes to Google Mail.

Activation steps

In order to activate these new Gmail features, add a new Quick Settings menu, and help find different layouts, settings, and attributes, the following steps can be followed:

– Click on Settings option.

– You will see the ability to navigate between different interfaces, different inbox types and different display options alongside your real inbox.

– When you select the option available to it, the inbox will be updated, and Gmail will provide you with the ability to preview how your account will appear once the attribute has been selected.

– Before finishing the theme, you can choose multiple themes and use the theme that suits you accordingly.

– Click ‘See All Settings’ to browse the full list of settings available to users.

It is expected that this update will be offered comprehensively to all users as of June 22, 2020, while it will be released to a limited number of users as of May 26.

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