New death in the trio “Emergency”! Donko Avramov cut the cancer


The Emergency Trio is already in the sky for the most part. On May 25, Donko Avramov from the vocal group, which caused a stir with topical lyrics such as “Divorce”, “Cough” and others, died. in the ’80s, as well as “Karay, Johnny” and “9 Million Mishlets” in the’ 90s.

After the end of his singing career, the musician subsisted mainly on guitar and drum lessons. Unfortunately, he has cancer – cirrhosis. His second serious illness is diabetes. Many of his friends do not understand the problem, as Donko retains a strong sense of humor.

Those who are aware that he is fighting cancer believe until the end that he will pass the test. And he finds a way to laugh at him – he defines himself as an “onco-detainee at 65” during the state of emergency. The musician celebrates his anniversary on February 26. This past weekend, his family sought help at the Military Medical Academy for a urinary tract infection. After taking it, his condition worsens progressively in an extremely short time. Avramov got sepsis and his organs refused.

In 2016, singer Antoaneta Ampova also died of cancer. In her memory, her son Vladimir Ampov-Grafa released a CD with the best songs of the trio, whose third member, as is known, is Kiril Ampov. Donko Avramov waited for the anthology album of “Emergency”, but could not enjoy it for long. “We couldn’t see each other, we just heard each other,” said radio journalist Dancho Stalbitsata, who had hoped to interview the singer about the album. Donko joined Tony and Kiril Ampovi in ​​1984, when their short-lived family duo Aquarelle grew into the Emergency Trio, Weekend reports.

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