Netanyahu said Israel was ready to deal with Iranian aggression


Israeli policy is to oppose Iran’s aggressive actions and its attempts to strengthen itself in Syria. This was stated on Sunday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking in parliament at the first working session of the country’s 35th government, which he formed after the March 2 elections, TASS reported.

Our policy is to counter Iranian aggression everywhere and to counteract her attempts to gain a foothold in Syria. We are constantly working for preventing Iran’s attempts to supply Syria or develop weapons in Syria“which could be used by her or her satellites to threaten the state of Israel,” the prime minister said.

Ganz does not recommend Iran test Israel’s military capabilities

The words of “our enemy” show weakness, he added

Netanyahu stressed that for Israel “security threats do not stop for even a minute“.

You heard that the ruler of Iran Khameneiwhich threatens us with destruction. “Anyone who wants to destroy us will not succeed, but he will be in great danger,” he added.

Netanyahu said that “this government represents all citizens of Israel without exception“Most Israeli citizens have chosen us and asked us to work together, in close cooperation, for their benefit,” he added.

On Sunday, the Israeli government approved the composition of the country’s new security cabinet and the government’s coronavirus commission.

The trial against Netanyahu begins

The trial against Netanyahu begins

For the first time, an incumbent Israeli prime minister is on trial

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