Neeraj Madhav writes poem for wife Deepthi | Neeraj Madhav wrote a poem for his wife


Actor Neeraj Madhav’s wife Deepthi’s birthday Neeraj was given a birthday poem for his wife. ‘Have you seen Chandrakala at dawn? In the poem, “Beginning with the poem,” Neeraj gives the hope that he is not alone, but with the sun.

Deepika, who is a native of Karaparambu, Kozhikode, is getting married in 2018. Neeraj made his film debut in 2013 with Buddy. Neeraj was made famous by Monichin in the footage. Neeraj has acted in a number of films including 1983, Apothikiri, Saptamashree Taskara and a northern selfie. He was the hero of the movie Pippin Muttile Pranayam. Neeraj has written the screenplay for the movie Lavakusha.


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