nazirya oreo: Nazriya in busy storytelling with Oreo; Farhan – actress nazriya shares photos with pet oreo clicked by farhaan faasil


Nazriya is a favorite of Malayalees. She came as a child star and later became a television presenter and heroine. He is, in a sense, a big star growing up in front of Malayalees. Nazriya’s second appearance after her marriage was celebrated by her fans. Nazriya is also a star on social media. The actor shares pictures with her husband Fahad Fazil. Nazriya’s favorite pet, Oreo, is as familiar to fans as the star. The star also shares Oreo’s pictures and features via social media. Now the image of Nazriya and Oreo is gaining attention on social media.

Dear Oreo

Nazriya in the film is talking to Ori. The beautiful picture is a testament to the spiritual bond between Ori and Nazriya. Oriya is Nazriya’s best friend, as Nazriya says.

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Copied by Farhan

Fahad Fazil’s brother Farhan Fazil has copied the picture. Nazriya shared the picture with the caption “While interacting with Oreo”. Nazriya Oreo is next to the TV.

Gift of Fahad

Orio is the descendant of Nazriya. Oreo also happens to be in shooting sets with the star. Oreo is a gift from Fahad Fazil. Earlier, he was afraid of dogs. But Nazriya had said it would be changed once the Orio arrived.


Nazriya was last seen in Trance. Fahad Fazil was the hero of the movie. Trance was the first film that the duo would play together after the wedding. The film was directed by Anwar Rasheed.

A spectacular comeback

Nazriya had quit the movie after her wedding. The comeback film was directed by Anjali Menon. The film stars Prithviraj and Parvathy in the lead roles.

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