Natalie Trifonova lost her boyfriend?


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Natalie Trifonova seems to have broken up with her boyfriend Doan Hassan, people around her say.The weather forecaster has not been spotted with the dark-skinned young man for a long time, nor has she posted general photos on the social network. For now, the long-legged blonde is silent on the question of whether she is still engaged, but according to acquaintances she is already looking for a new man.

The reason for the separation was rooted in Doan’s reluctance to marry. He still didn’t feel mature enough for such an important step, while Natalie already wanted not only a wedding, but children as well. She has repeatedly said that she is seriously thinking about this topic and is ready to get pregnant, but alas – her boyfriend did not share these views on their common future. Trifonova also waited for an engagement ring, but Hassan had never offered her marriage. “I dream of a family, of children. I feel ready for that!”, The weather forecaster revealed.

Natalie and Doan have known each other since they were students and have met and separated many times over the years. Now they have taken a break again, but the possibility of reconciling is not ruled out. The blonde said that there were periods when they were so offended by each other that they did not even talk. Then, however, their love prevailed over the ego and once again gave each other a chance.

It is said that Natalie’s friend is wealthy and runs 4 companies for millions, even though he is only 27 years old. The young man of Turkish origin was actively involved in his parents’ family business and often pampered the weather forecaster with expensive gifts.

Trifonova and her boyfriend were classmates at an elite metropolitan high school, but after graduating from school their paths parted for a while. During this time, the blonde dated different men, but could not find a better one than Doan and returned to him. He had been obsessed with Natalie for years, indulging her whims and forgiving her antics. On the subject of marriage and children, however, he was not categorical and always postponed the moment, and this made the weatherwoman very nervous. After their last conversation in this direction, she got angry and ended it. “I’m at the perfect age for a child! Should I give birth to this baby at the age of 40 ?!”, the beauty was angry in front of her friends.

The long-legged blonde shared that she and Doan had very good, but also very difficult moments. The worst was the day he underwent a 12-hour complex operation in Turkey, becoming a donor to his father. The old man needed a liver transplant to live, and the boy agreed to lie down under the knife without thinking. The surgery was extremely complicated and the postoperative period did not go smoothly. Natalie cried her eyes until she was sure her boyfriend was okay. Fortunately, everything ended well and Hassan recovered successfully, HotArena writes.

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