Nasko Sirakov will receive the shares of Levski by the end of next week


Nasko Sirakov will receive the shares of “Levski” by the end of next week, the majority owner of the football club – Georgi Popov, assured in an interview with bTV.


Levski has sent a letter to the Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who, according to Georgi Popov, should have explicitly denied claims to the shares of the football club.

“In order to comply with the law, despite the different interpretations, we believe that they are still his. If he refuses, they will return to me. The refusal can be a tacit refusal, “Popov told bTV.

In other words, Boyko Borissov may not respond to a written request from Levski.

“We asked him, within a few days, if he would dispose of them. If it is not ordered, I will endorse the shares of Mr. Nasko Sirakov “, Popov explains.


And he answers the question when the securities will actually fall into the hands of Sirakov: “It is realistic that by the end of next week they will be in Sofia with Mr. Sirakov.”

Prof. Ognyan Gerdjikov explained what Georgi Popov actually has to do to transfer the ownership of Nasko Sirakov: “If the holder of the shares wants, respectively, the temporary certificate to transfer them, let him be so kind as to do it on the back of the security.”


Georgi Popov is optimistic about the future of Levski, not only because of Sirakov’s ambition to become the new strong man of Gerena.

“It’s not just Nasko Sirakov. He has the support of the fans. And I believe that there are enough reasonable people in our society and the model of governance, of financing, will change as they want. And the very structure of the football union. ”


Have you talked to Nasko Sirakov in the last few days, after that conversation you mentioned publicly on bTV?

“I did not have the honor and pleasure, but I congratulate him for the courage and responsibility he takes. I want to congratulate everyone on tomorrow’s holiday. Culture is something we rely on. Thanks to her, we have survived for centuries. And also to use the occasion for the double celebration – the 106th anniversary of the club. And to ask everyone to work together for his future, “Popov concluded.

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