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The springboard works “- with these two words the founder of the company SpaceX answered a question what he thinks about the attitude of the Russians to the successful launch of the first private manned spacecraft on Saturday. At the press conference he recalled the words of Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin from 2014 г.

He was then deputy prime minister in charge of Russia’s space program and, following sanctions over the annexation of Crimea, suggested on Twitter that the Americans send their astronauts to the International Space Station using a springboard.

Musk added last night that “The Springboard Works” was a joke on SpaceX, that he was in no hurry to rejoice before the two astronauts returned safely aboard the Crew Dragon, but that what happened on Saturday was something to be proud of. all. According to him, the launch of his company’s manned flight is a step towards “multiplanetary humanity”.
NASA Director Jim Braidenstein said he had not yet spoken to Rogozin, but had seen his congratulations: “He said it was a happy day not only for Anas, but for them as well. We work well with them.”

A few days ago, the head of Roscosmos commented in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda that “we will be very happy if an alternative transport manned system appears, because this is a natural process – I imagine how in the United States they have lived these 9 years without the possibility of it was a matter of honor for the ISS astronaut to deliver their own ships to the ISS. But then in the conversation, he described that because of the aliens using Russian missiles, Russia was forced to reduce the number of its own astronauts in orbit.

Rogozin criticized SpaceX for dumping Roscosmos with state funding, and now the Russian holding company has been forced to cut rocket prices by 30 percent.

He used the name Musk and his exotic idea from 2015 to bomb Mars with nuclear missiles to criticize the United States to provoke terraforming, the greenhouse effect, and preparations for colonizing the planet. According to Rogozin, this showed that everything was “demagoguery and a cover for launching nuclear weapons into space,” which Russia would not allow. “Apparently, the United States is embarking on a militarization of space,” he wrote on Twitter after the creation of the US space forces.

After President Donald Trump signed a decree on the unilateral commercial exploitation of the moon’s resources, Rogozin wrote: “The principle of invasion is the same, it does not matter whether it is the moon or Iraq (…) But this will result in another Iraq or Afghanistan. ”

Russia has not yet performed a manned flight around the moon and landing people on its surface. Last night, Musk said he was “optimistic” about SpaceX’s lunar flight. “I would like it to happen in 2 years, but in practice it can happen in 4.”

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