Murali said; If you can’t score 800 wickets, this will be my last Test | This is my last test


Colombo: Former Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan has been named after the legendary cricketer. He holds the record of scoring 800 wickets in Test matches. The off-spin wizard has said goodbye to the cricketing world in the face of the impossible.

Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara has revealed the confidence he has experienced during Muralitharan’s retirement series against India and the dressing room discussions that took place. Indian player R.R. Sangakkara was revealed on Instagram Live with Ashwin.

Muralitharan retired with his first Test in Galle in 2010 during a three-Test series in India. In his last Test, he needed eight more wickets to achieve his dream of 800 wickets. He took eight wickets against India with a record of spin and retired with the magic number of 800.

In Sangakkara’s words, “He needed eight wickets for 800”. We know it’s not a retail number. I was captain today. Murali also said that he wanted to retire during the series with India. I discussed with the selectors. Murali has said that he will retire after the first Test but that will not happen. He also said that he should be allowed to retire only after taking eight more wickets. We called Murali to the meeting. I told Murali that if you come close to a milestone and you don’t own it, it would be a disaster. So you play the first test. If you feel tired, switch to the second Test and play the third test. No more two Tests but play in the next series. Murali looked at us and said, ‘This is not going to happen. I like the challenges. If I’m a good spinner, I can take eight wickets against any team in Galle. Now I take eight wickets not only for 800 wickets but also for us to win this test. If I can’t, then this will be my last test, ”Sangakkara recalled.

Murali returned from the meeting saying that he was going to take eight wickets that day. Sangakkara said that he had in mind what a champion he was.

Murali, who took eight wickets against India in the Galle Test against Spinners, took 800 wickets. Moreover, Muralitharan deserved the send-off with India’s 10-wicket win over India.

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