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Eighth wicket-taker to be announced as retirement next Test Sangha made this clear during a live chat show with R Ashwin.

Murali ends his eighteen-year Test career in 2010 at the age of 38. There were 3 Tests in India’s 2010 tour of Sri Lanka. Muralitharan has announced that he will retire from Test cricket with the first match on goal. Murali’s net worth was 792 wickets. Sangakkara said that Murali’s announcement that he would retire from Test cricket with just eight wickets to spare was a cause for concern for fans, teammates and the Sri Lankan cricket board. Murali’s 8-wicket match against a spinning team like India was not easy.

Murali’s announcement that he would retire from the first Test was taken by the selectors. We decided not to allow him to retire with the first Test anyway. We also agreed that he should say goodbye with eight more wickets to go for 800 wickets. He was called to the meeting to announce this.

And then I told Murali – you know the challenges are great. But don’t retire with the first Test against India. If you get close enough to the 800 wicket, you will lose it. You play in the first Test. If you feel tired, don’t play the second Test. Then play the third Test. Otherwise, retire the Test series and retire with the next series. Never miss the 800-wicket mark. Murali, with a smile, was reluctant to make the decision.

Another question asked us if this was not going to happen and if I was the best spinner the world had ever seen, I would not have taken eight wickets in a Test against any team. If I take eight wickets in this test, I will not only get 800 wickets, we will win that test. If I didn’t get eight wickets I would never get it. Anyway, this is my last test. Thank you. – Sanga said.

Murali, who took five wickets in the first innings in a dramatic goal test, took three wickets in the second innings to take eight wickets. Murali’s 800-wicket haul ensured that India’s Lazarman Pragyan Ojha was in the hands of Jayawardene.

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