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Even now it is unclear who pays for the costs, the Maastricht hospital MUMC + stands behind its multi-million investment in the unused emergency hospital in the MECC.
Setting up the reception location for corona patients in the conference center cost around 4.5 million euros. “We don’t see that as wasted money,” hospital spokesman Dick Nagelhout told L1. For example, according to the hospital, some of the equipment can still be used at a later time, also for non-corona-related care.
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“Glad we did it”
At the end of March, the hospital was forced – as a precaution – to set up an emergency hospital with 276 beds, to cope with a peak in corona patients. Ultimately, the location was closed again without receiving one patient. “But what if it had been necessary?” Nagelhout wonders aloud. “We acted on the basis of the regional situation. A unique situation, we had to decide quickly. We are glad that we did that and would organize the MECC again in a similar situation.”
Don’t screw up
MUMC + supports this choice, but the process itself has the necessary comments to make. On Saturday morning, after research of the Investico platform, commissioned by Trouw, De Limburger and Vers Beton, it became clear that the largest health insurer in the region, CZ, will not bear the costs. In March, health insurers decided to only reimburse unforeseen corona care if the Regional Consultation Acute Care Chain (ROAZ), a consultation of care providers in the region, has agreed to an action.
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This did not happen when the reception location was set up in the MECC. There was also no explicit order from the minister to create an emergency hospital. Nevertheless, MUMC + makes the choice not only in its own interest, but in the interest of accommodating corona patients throughout the region. The spokesperson cannot answer the questions whether and when this has been discussed with the ROAZ.
Jack Jansen, a member of the ROAZ South Limburg and responsible for the now also closed corona center in the Van der Valk hotel in Urmond, tells Investico that the construction of the emergency hospital came as a surprise. He has difficulty with the way the Maastricht hospital works. “We would agree on capacity with each other. I think I should have known, “said Jansen.
The question remains who will take care of the receipt. “It will be paid in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction,” says Nagelhout, “but we don’t know yet how this will end.” The hospital is in talks with the ROAZ and health insurers. To which CZ has indicated that it will not pay, MUMC + does not want to make statements about a possible middle ground.
In addition, the hospital states that part of the costs incurred is ‘not gone’. This concerns, for example, technical installations that MUMC + has purchased. “We have a number of things now stored and we can mobilize quickly if necessary. In addition, the experience we have gained is also valuable.” Some of the installations and beds can also be used in nursing wards in the hospital and can not only be used in a setting for corona patients.

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