Moved or canceled: it makes a difference for your festival ticket


The industry is not secretive about why events are rescheduled and not canceled. “Without concrete measures by the government for the less or unsubsidized culture, we should resort to these kinds of resources,” says Berend Schans, director of the Association of Dutch Music Venues and Festivals.

He does not yet know how many people keep their ticket. “It is simply necessary. The larger the event, the higher the costs that have already been incurred. It is also in the interest of the entire sector that the ticket value remains within the industry. Not only for the organizers, but also the tent builders and the sound supplier. “

That is also what Mojo, festival and concert organizer of Down The Rabbit Hole and Lowlands, say. According to Mojo, the choice has to do with the fact that the line-up is shifting to the next edition. “Our employees are working hard on that now,” said a spokesperson. “Of all international artists, the tour will not take place in 2020, the expectation is that this will be extended to 2021. Now the puzzle has started whether we will be able to complete the program the same way next year. If people really need the money, ask then back. It will take a little longer for relocated events, we hope people will be patient. “


The Authority for Consumers and Markets watched when the scheme was rigged because of the unique situation. “Normally things sometimes go wrong with a provider, but now at a time and massively, nobody is equipped for that: not the regulations, not the consumer and not the provider.”

According to ACM, the question is what is the solution in this situation. “The vouchers can be a solution for a large group of consumers and hopefully also many providers. We do encourage the making of an exception if someone urgently needs the money earlier.”

The Consumers’ Association says that it would already make a huge difference if the voucher were ‘resalable’. “Then you can at least get your money back. At Mojo you get a credit on your account that you can then spend freely. That cannot be sold. It would be good if the organizers made it possible. Under normal circumstances that would be possible. “

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