Mouth masks and hand alcohol: this Heiloose gym is suddenly a corona shop


HEILOO – For gyms, there seems to be no light at the end of the corona tunnel yet, so they are looking for other ways to make money. A gym in Heiloo has therefore been transformed into a corona shop and wholesaler.

“An acquaintance of mine imported mouth masks, my former football coach hand sanitizer and suddenly I could start a shop,” owner Rick Sombroek of ‘t Gymlokaal in Heiloo told NH Nieuws.

His gym has only been open for a year, but suddenly had to deal with a major setback. The corona measures forced him to close the gym, where circus training is given on equipment.

“Some other schools are now moving their materials outside, but that’s not an option for us. The machines are too sensitive,” said Rick. He now offers some free outdoor lessons, but also started thinking about another way to make money.


Through several acquaintances he was offered large batches of anti-corona material and his idea was born: “We sell the things in the store, but we also approach companies.” Only not all people in Heiloo know where to find the store.

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Rick’s employees were not all eager to go on sale, instead of giving sports lessons. “It takes some getting used to. Just give me my old job again,” one of his instructors says.

But they do not complain: they are happy that a little money is coming in this way, although the customers are not yet really pouring in. “A shop? With corona stuff? Not seen,” a Heiloose lady in the shopping center later told NH Nieuws.

Get through the summer

“We’ve only been open a week,” said Rick. “We get nice reactions and people wish us good luck, but now they still have to buy things from us of course.”

He hopes that the gyms can open again before 1 September. “We have such a nice team and would like to work together. But I do think that we will get through the summer with this temporary store.”

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