Mosques opened in Saudi; Airlines resumed | Saudi LOckdown Relaxation


After a two-month hiatus, mosques were opened in Saudi and domestic flights were resumed. At the same time, concessions were granted in the Gulf with strict directives on social exclusion.

Nearly 98,000 mosques in Saudi Arabia, except for Makkah, were opened for morning prayers. The expatriates, including citizens, came to the mosques to observe the Prayer. Those under the age of 15 had no access. After a while, the community started praying at the Prophet’s Pavilion in Madanah.

The curfew is likely to be withdrawn at Makkah in the next phase starting on the 21st. The resumption of international flights is likely to be considered in the near future. Meanwhile, after 20 days, Kuwait switched from full curfew to partial curfew. The curfew is from 6pm to 6am. The first phase of concessions, which lasted for three weeks, began with restrictions that were part of the covidate defense. Qatar, Bahrain and Oman have also relaxed restrictions. In Dubai, commercial establishments were allowed to stay open until 11 pm.

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