Mosques open in Dubai with restrictions


Dubai : Mosques in Dubai to be closed as part of Covid security precautions Open with stringent restrictions. The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department said preparations for the opening were underway, though the date has not yet been announced. To that end, detailed Covid guidelines and precautions have been released. Posters containing guidelines for fans to follow have been placed in the main schools.
These are the controls
In the first phase, only a portion of the church is open. Churches will be closed immediately after prayer. Only believers are allowed to enter the bank during the call. Believers should keep a distance of one and a half meters for prayers. Also, there should be a certain distance between the columns of believers. Everyone should wear masks and gloves. Do not leave these in front of the gate after use. Bring your own mussel. Hands or hands will not be allowed for security.
Arrangements cannot be made before or after prayer. Return immediately after prayer. Food supply is strictly prohibited. The toilets will remain closed until a warning is issued. The guidance also states that even though the mosques are open, special prayers for women are closed. It was announced on March 16 that all the places of worship in the UAE will be temporarily closed. The UAE has thousands of mosques, more than forty Christian churches and a Hindu temple.
Who doesn’t have permission

Those who come in contact with caregivers and Covid patients have no temporary access to mosques. People with chronic illnesses or immunities should not be confronted with security for prayers. Children over the age of 60 and children under 12 are not allowed to enter the church.

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