Mortality rate higher among patients taking anti-Trump medication


Hydroxychloroquine is the anti-Kovid vaccine purchased by President Trump, warning India that there will be serious consequences if it is not exported immediately to the US. A study among US Covid patients found that mortality rates were higher among non-treated patients than for those treated with this drug.

The study was published in the journal Lancet in more than 96,000 Kovid patients in 671 hospitals across six continents. This drug causes heart disease called arrhythmia, which causes heart failure, and many of them die.

Doctors at Harvard Medical School and others studied the progress of treating Kovid patients admitted to hospitals between December 20 and April 14. 14,888 people were treated with hydroxy chloroquine or chloroquine. The remaining 81,144 patients were treated in the control group. About 10,700 patients died in hospital. After studying a variety of factors, including age, race, sex, and pre-existing diseases, the results showed a 34% increase in mortality among patients who took hydroxy chloroquine. Patients who took the drug had an increased risk of dysrhythmia by 137%.

The study was published last Friday in the medical journal .

 The Lancet Published by David Marron, head of the Division of Preventive Cardiology at Stanford University School of Medicine, told The Washington Post that the study suggests that patients with HIV may be less likely to take the drug. A study published last week on the JAMA network found that HCQ did not covariance and increased the risk of cardiac arrest. A similar study came out of Brazil.

Recently, Trump has said, “Hydroxy chloroquine is good. I eat one every day.” Most notably, the president’s claim was when the FDA warned that the drug should not be administered and that it should only be used as part of a clinical trial in hospital situations. Now, with this study coming out, the use of the drug for the treatment of CVD is becoming increasingly controversial.

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