Moroccan-Dutch Laila Ezzeroili wants to get rid of Moroccan nationality (video)


May 23, 2020 – 4:40 pm –
Moroccans abroad


Laila Ezzeroili, a Dutch publicist of Moroccan descent, would like to relinquish her second nationality. She tells that herself in Op1 at NPO.

However, according to Ezzeroili, Morocco is stopping that, with the result that people with dual citizenship are subject to Moroccan laws.

“I am Dutch and I want to be able to express this and I want the freedom to choose for myself. I applied for Dutch nationality as soon as I was eighteen, but then you find out that you do not get rid of the Moroccan passport. And neither from the Moroccan government, nor from the legal system and laws. ”

Ezzeroili, who first refused to speak publicly about her will to renounce her Moroccan nationality, calls Moroccan laws discriminatory. “If you are not a man, no straight and no Muslim or criticize the Moroccan government, you can experience this,” she says. The publicist, herself an unmarried mother, fears that her statements will have consequences for her family, but decided after a long time to speak on the subject.

Her children and grandchildren will also be subject to Moroccan law in the future, she says. She has no choice. “They fall under legislation that does not have gender equality. As a woman you are therefore inferior to men and polygamy is allowed, for example, in Morocco. That man has the opportunity to marry another woman in the Netherlands or Morocco and in Morocco everything is too and for sale. In the Netherlands you mainly see that in marriage and family law people have to do with Moroccan law. ”

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