More than a hundred snake snakes inside, corona on the outside; A family without knowing what to do


Bhopal: A family in the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh is in the middle of a crisis due to snake-snake snakes. The family in the village of Ron has been sleeping for more than a week. It is not clear where they come from. With the exception of him, the whole family has relocated to another village.

Snakes in the house, coronaviruses outside the house. What do I do? Life is asking for the Sim. At night, the snakes come out of the mall and crawl into the house. Jeevan Singh, sitting in a chair, notices the snake moving inside the house. The Forest Department is trying to find the mansion. Forest officials said it was only three or four days after the larvae had hatched and the chicks had hatched.

They also said that the danger comes from smaller snakes rather than larger snakes. When biting, the snake chicks release all the venom, while the large snakes collect a portion of the poison and leave the rest. This is the danger of getting bitten by small snakes. It was for the first time that the baby snakes came down from the floor. The Forest Department has already taken 51 children into custody.

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