More than 5.4 million people are already infected with coronavirus worldwide


More than 5.4 million people worldwide are already infected with the coronavirus. The victims are more than 344,000, and the recovered are over 2 million and 247 thousand.

Currently, the active cases are over 2 million and 815 thousand, of which more than 53,000 are in serious or critical condition.

The United States remains at the top of the black list with over 1 million and 666 thousand confirmed cases and over 98,000 deaths. In second place is already Brazil, where more than 349,000 infected and more than 22,000 died. In third place is Russia with over 335,000 registered cases and 3,300 deaths.

Brazil with more than 22,000 deaths from coronavirus

In second place after the United States

Spain ranks fourth with more than 282,000 infected and more than 28,000 dead, followed by Britain with more than 257,000 confirmed cases and more than 36,000 coronavirus victims.

Of Bulgaria’s neighboring countries, most cases occur in Turkey – more than 155,000 infected and more than 4,300 dead, followed by Romania with over 17,000 and 1,176 deaths, Serbia with over 11,000 infected and 238 dead, Greece – 2,876 infected and 171 deaths and Northern Macedonia with 1,941 infected and 113 victims.

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