More than 3000 corona deaths in Russia, more than 300,000 infections Abroad


Russia is among the countries that have reported the highest number of infections worldwide. Authorities say that since the outbreak began, more than 317,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus. Only the United States has reported more corona cases. According to official figures, at least 1.5 million people were infected there and more than 93,000 people died.

The Russian death toll of 3,099 is considered relatively low. Major European countries such as Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and France have reported fewer infections than the Russian authorities, but have killed tens of thousands. Corona figures from different governments are often difficult to compare. The official death rate of countries is not the same everywhere.

5 million infections

The number of people worldwide infected with the coronavirus has now passed 5 million, according to official figures. More than 328,000 patients have died, reports Johns Hopkins University. It keeps track of how many infections and deaths are reported by authorities.

The actual number of corona cases in the world is believed to be much higher than 5 million. Not all infections come to light because not everyone is tested with the virus. Some infected persons only show mild symptoms, while others end up in hospital with serious complaints.

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