More than 20 percent of the Groenlo slaughterhouse infected with coronavirus


More than 1 in 5 employees of slaughterhouse Vion in Groenlo are infected with the corona virus. All 657 employees have been tested and 147 employees have received a positive result, reports the GGD Noord- and Oost-Gelderland.

The majority of the infections were diagnosed in employees who live in Germany, that is 79. The other 68 people live in the Netherlands.

On Thursday, the company was closed immediately after 45 employees were tested positive. It was then decided to quarantine and test all members of staff. Earlier this month, 28 employees of a Vion site in Scherpenzeel were tested positive for the corona virus and placed on a ship in isolation.

Concerns about slaughterhouses

There have been concerns about the situation in slaughterhouses for some time. 80 percent of the employees are migrant workers and often live together. Furthermore, it is very difficult to keep a meter and a half away in the slaughterhouses, FNV driver John Klijn said in Friday News and Co on NPO Radio 1. “The meat sector is a very labor-intensive sector”, says Klijn about the high number of infections.

“So there are a lot of people working per square meter. They arrive hundreds in the morning at the same time. The first traffic jam problem arises in the dressing rooms. Then they are back in traffic to wash their hands. Then they have to go through the hygiene lock to the current band, where 30 percent of our members say they can’t work within a mile of colleagues. When it’s a break, the whole process reverses. “

In the conversation that can be listened to on Twitter, Klijn argues for half strength:

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