More than 100 people became infected with the coronavirus after a church service


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The number of people infected with coronavirus in Frankfurt has risen sharply after a church service at a local Baptist church, German media reported.

According to the Minister of Health Kai Klose, on Saturday there were 40 infected in the district, today there are already 107 new cases.

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“This situation shows how important it is for all of us to remain vigilant and not be reckless,” because the virus continues to spread, the minister stressed.
According to health authorities, most people became infected not during the liturgy, but later when they returned home. Most of them have no special complaints and only one person is hospitalized.
The head of the Frankfurt Baptist community said all meetings had been suspended and church services were broadcast only online.
                            He could not say how many people attended the church service on May 10, but “all rules were followed.” There were disinfectants and the recommended distance was observed.

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The publication recalls that from May 1 in the province of Hesse, religious gatherings are allowed again, following the recommendations. There should be a distance of a meter and a half between the believers and strict hygiene rules should be observed, such as the placement of disinfectants.

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