Mohanlal’s Biography It will be released on the next birthday


Moe‘Mukhragam’, a comprehensive and authentic biography of Hanlal, is being released by Mathrubhumi Books on May 21, 2021, the birthday of Mohanlal. Mohanlal’s forty years of acting and sixty years of experience are in the ‘Mukaraga’ written by journalist and writer Bhanuprakash. In addition to the history of Malayalam cinema, many books on the social and cultural history of Kerala can be read in this book.

This comprehensive biography is the result of Bhanu Prakash’s long-standing efforts as a journalist to compose several interviews of Mohanlal over the last two decades and to prepare two Mohanlal books, Guru Mukhas and Bhavadasaratham, in front of him.

The first phase was the endless journey of learning the history of the people from the birth of the first film ‘Thiranotta’ through many ways and with many memories. In eight years, Bhanuprakash has met more than 200 people associated with Mohanmal – screenwriters, directors, producers, and actors, colleagues, gurus and disciples in other fields of cinema. This book is shaped by their experiences and memories.

You can find out more about all the major films of this great actor through the book. You can read about the memories, curiosities and wonders associated with some of the most memorable films in the world.

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