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Actor Mohanlal has congratulated the fan who sent his dance post as a birthday gift to Kochi. Amritha Varsha Kannan, a native of Paravoor and a youthful genius, made the choreographer. Amrita Varsha prepared the backdrop for the song in the film ‘Manjuvariyar’ titled Mohanlal Nalama.

Amitavarsha, a native of Paravoor, came to Lal’s residence at Elamakkara to mark the occasion of Mohanlal’s 60th birthday.
Image: EV Sreekumar ∙ Manorama

The actress replied to the fan saying that the dancing is beautiful and she would take it as a birthday present. Mohanlal also shared the hope of the telephone with a voice message. Amrita Varsha reached the residence of Lal’s Elamakkara and offered flowers to the gates. Amrutha Varsha said that the flowers were conceived as given to Lalaten and she was a huge fan of the star.

Sanskrit song in honor of Mohanlal

Mohanlal has reached the stage in Kochi, where he has sung a Sanskrit song with Stephen Devasi. This video was produced by Stephen in collaboration with actor and director Ramesh Pisharody. Stephen is singing the music that starts with ‘Sukhumo Jayate … Number’. This is the first song to be recorded and sung by Stephen, who is known to the world as a key boarder. The song and background music were recorded at Stephen’s studio in Mumbai’s flat.

Background music is completely composed on the keyboard. Sanskrit lyrics were written by Dhanesh Namboodiri. At the beginning of the song, Ramesh Pisharody narrates the life of Mohanlal. The video of the song, which features Mohanlal’s super hit characters, is with Pisharadi. I am doing a great job. No words in any language I know are enough to describe Mohanlal. So I borrowed some Sanskrit to wish you a happy birthday. Mohanlal congratulated Stephen on his song.

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