Mohanlal Birthday Special: Celebrities wishes to Mohanlal! Actress Sun of 60 in Malayalam! Celebrities and directors wishing Mohanlal a happy birthday!



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Mohanlal is one of the proudest of Malayalees. Happy birthday to the star, who is celebrating his birthday on May 21st. He is being greeted by fans and fans. He had gone to Chennai for the shoot of Bigg Boss 2 and had not yet returned to Kochi. He is at home in Chennai with Suchitra and Pranav.

He called his colleagues and inquired about the statistics. Many people have come to the scene to call for the unexpected. All the directors and stars are wishing Mohanlal a happy birthday. Posts are going viral in an instant.

He recently announced that he is in the role of director. Prithviraj had earlier said that he was expecting a film from him soon. The announcement of Burroughs through his blog was in the midst of the successful advance of Lucifer. Jijo, creator of Maidiyar Kuttikatan, is one of the most loved 3D films of all time. Mohanlal had earlier said that he will be working with a 3D movie.


Madhupal, Prithviraj, Supriya Menon, B Unnikrishnan, Tovino Thomas, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Tovino Thomas, Priyadarshan, Shaji Kailas, Bhadran, G Venugopal, Ramesh Pisharody, Manikandan Achari, Mohanjana, Chittoor Antony Perumbavoor

Many have been congratulated.


Dear Lal sir. Madhupal arrived with a note of a happy birthday. In a close-up shot of this great actor in Australia, Clap was unveiled and started his job as an assistant director in just five days. After the Tamil film Thanga Kollus, Lal Sarin is back. Butterflies. In addition to attending school, she attended a Vishwa Vidyalaya, ‘Tales of a New World beyond what we have seen and heard.

Later, with the magical, Varghese joins and the Guru, moments before the Ravana Prabhu in the cinema

Storytelling, book publishing and therapeutic centers. The words of this beloved great man are sunshine. This was Madhupal’s note, praying before the mind of love and care.

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