Mohamed Saad reveals the reason for his absence from the funeral of Hassan Hosni


The Egyptian artist Mohamed Saad commented that he did not attend the funeral of the artist Hassan Hosni, who passed away, on Saturday, at the age of 88, after suffering a heart attack.

                    AFP 2020 / AMRO MARAGHI

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He wrote on his Facebook page: “He explained to you, the reason I did not go to the funeral … I was very sick and tired and spoke to his children and apologized to them and told them that I will be on the day of solace, and he will be present, God willing, and the burial was morning in the family cemetery in Fayoum.”

He added: “I repeat my apologies and this is not just my colleague and teacher. This is my father and my elder brother. May God bless his soul and dwell in his spacious paradise.”

The late Representative Professions Syndicate, on its Facebook page, mourned, Azzouz Adel, a member of the Board of Directors of the Representative Professions Syndicate, wrote: “The Professions Syndicate mourns the death of the great artist, Hassan Hosni Hosni, may God have mercy on the deceased, and inspire his family and fans to be patient and patient.”

Hassan Hosni was born on October 15, 1931, in the Citadel district of Cairo, to the father of a contractor. His mother died at the age of six.

The works of the artist Hassan Hosni Hazmni Ya, Raafat Al-Hajjan, the gate of the confectioner, the rapists, the Egyptian citizen, the murderer, Mr. Kave, the thief of joy, Nasser 56, Lamadah, are considered milestones in his artistic career.

Hosni Hosni is also considered the common denominator of comedy films in the last ten years due to his appearance in most comedy films.

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