Mohamed Mounir conducts accurate surgery


The famous Egyptian singer, Mohamed Mounir, performed a delicate bone operation at a medical center in Cairo.

The news portal website reported that King Mohamed Mounir performed accurate bone surgery and was very successful in one of the major medical centers in Cairo.

                    AFP 2020 / KHALED DESOUKI

The secret of Muhammad Munir’s failure to sing on New Year’s Eve

After Munir’s recovery, he thanked all the doctors and nursing staff for their great efforts and professionalism to return to his full fitness.

Mounir decided to conduct the operation in the Egyptian capital, after setting an appointment in Germany, but he contacted the doctors and decided to conduct it in Cairo.

A crowd of friends, family and close relatives visited the Egyptian singer in the hospital, and Mounir confirmed that he is currently at his home and is conducting physiotherapy sessions under the supervision of German Jennifer Rayman.

Munir stressed that he asked not to publish any news while in the hospital, so as not to overburden friends and loved ones amid their concerns, especially as we demand social divergence due to the Corona epidemic.

He continued, addressing his fans: “I promised you a wonderful party, and today I say to every Republican, wait for me next Friday, May 29, a greeting for every Republican and it will be broadcast live from my home, and every year, Egypt is guarded, full, and the people of the world in peace and security.”

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