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Pastor:Model Sarah Abid was among those killed in a plane crash in Kisnitten yesterday. The PK-8303, which was carrying 91 passengers and eight crew members, was on its way from Lahore to Karachi just before landing.

Passenger information about the passengers has been viral since the plane crash. It was also reported that Sarah Abid died. Sara’s friends have revealed the death toll. In the meantime, there were rumors that Sarah had survived the accident, but that was not true.

Journalist Zayn Khan also tweeted about Sarah’s death. “There have been reports that actress and model Sarah Abid has died in a Pakistan International Airlines flight. “We offer condolences to relatives and friends,” Zayn Khan said.

Fashion Designer Khadeeja Shah also condoled the death of Sarah. ” The fashion world has lost Sarah. She was a hardworking, professional child. Her energy in photoshoots has fascinated me. Peace be upon the soul ”.

Actress and activist Freeha Althoff notes that Sarah is currently working for a brand and that she was returning to Lahore after her uncle died.

Three days before she died, the picture that Sarah last posted on Instagram has gone viral. Sarah posted a picture of herself sitting on the plane. The film was shared with the caption ‘Hey fly’. Under the film, many commented that Sarah flew high on the last trip, interpreting her words.

Content Highlights: Pakistani model Zara Abid feared dead in PIA plane crash

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