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A group of Australian dolphins come to the sea with exotic gifts to make friends with humans. Dolphins bring gifts from the sea to volunteers in Tin Can Bay, Queensland. Dolphins began to come with sea objects as visitors arrived at cafes that operated on the beach.

They have been brought to shore as gifts from coral reefs and mosses. It is believed that the gifts are meant to keep people in contact with the people because of the reduced number of visitors to the beach following the corona expansion. Beach volunteers say dolphins are not trained to bring goods from the sea.

Beach volunteer Lynn McPherson said the prize brought in by the crane is “very carefully presented.” Lynn specifically mentioned the 29-year-old Mystic, a dolphin. Lynn said the dolphins are being fished in exchange for bringing the gift. Lynn added that it was the training the dolphins gave them.

Dolphins bring bottles, coral reefs, shellfish, mussels, and woodpeckers. Mystic brings up to ten items on most days. Volunteers say the mystique is the idea that many gifts are still hidden under the sea. They think that the dolphins’ work should get more attention as visitors get less contact.

Dolphins shared photos of the arrival and receiving gifts through the Barnacle’s Cafe and Dolphin Feeding Face Book page on the beach. More than 1,000 people responded to the post. Many commented. More than seven hundred people shared the post. One commented that it was heartbreaking.

Content Highlights: Dolphins Missing Public Attention Bring Gifts From The Sea For Humans

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