Minister Sacheva: A social worker from Lovech has a coronavirus


We have a case of an infected social worker from the Social Patronage in Lovech. This was stated by the Minister of Social Affairs Denitsa Sacheva. She visited the nursing home “Longevity” in the capital’s district “Darvenitsa”, where she checked how the measures are implemented and presented its residents with books on the eve of May 24.

She also pointed out that 11,000 tests for the coronavirus have been performed so far in old people’s homes and residential social services.

“98 are infected. 52 are users of social services who are infected. We have 13 deaths, they are mainly in Vidin – in the home in the village of Gara Oreshets and in Kula. The rest are infected social workers and social services staff. As of today, we have a case of an infected social worker from the Social Patronage in Lovech, “she announced, adding that he was isolated and the disease was mild, but he would remain in quarantine for 28 days. The Minister also specified that the contact persons have been found and are being investigated.

PROTEST IN FRONT OF THE COC: Maya Manolova’s initiative gathered dissatisfied with the government

“This is not the first time Maya Manolova has seen politics as a gamble. I look at these protests with sadness, because some of the protesters are seasonal workers with temporary employment to protest, which largely makes democracy meaningless, “said Minister Sacheva, commenting on an earlier protest organized by Manolova.

“The biggest virus right now is not COVID-19, but the virus of demagoguery and populism that we have to fight. Masks, gloves and quarantine will not help us there, books and knowledge will help us there, “the Minister of Social Affairs added.

She refuted the former ombudsman’s claim that he would run for office next year, that the presidency was on the verge of collapse and that very few companies had benefited from the 60/40 measure.

“The 60/40 measure is a measure to maintain employment. To date, more than 13,500 employers have applied for 236,000 employees. 115,000 of them have already been paid their salaries for the months for which the employers have applied. It is absolute speculation that these are companies that are close to the government or companies that have been elected. There you see that there are small companies with the order of 2-3 employees, there are also very large companies with 2200-2300 employees. The sectors are diverse – from a small laundry in Burgas through the theater in Kazanlak to car factories and other industrial enterprises. Again, we have heavy speculation with the facts, “said the minister, pointing out that they have proposed measures that have been implemented within two months, and not like Manolova, who offers a way out of the crisis with 19 measures in 19 months. Sacheva stressed that most of the aid provided is gratuitous, such as the 60/40 measure.

Hotels and restaurants have benefited the most from the 60 out of 40 measure

“As of yesterday, 24,000 are micro and small enterprises that have applied for BGN 197 million. A public discussion of a measure for medium-sized companies worth BGN 156 million is currently underway. They will be able to apply for amounts between BGN 30,000. and BGN 100,000. These are two grants, which have a total value of about BGN 350 million. The measure 60/40 is 1 billion and is also a grant. I think there is a lot of speculation on this topic. The loans to the citizens amount to 200 million. This is the guarantee given by the Bulgarian Development Bank. The grant is almost 1.4 billion “, the Minister commented on the accusations made by Manolova that the aid for the citizens is only in the form of loans.

Asked how she views the request to return Maya Manolova to the political scene, the minister replied that everyone has the right to do so.

“A few days ago, parliament elected an ombudsman. If Manolova had not deserted from this post, she could have been Bulgaria’s ombudsman until now. She chose not to work for the people, but chose to look for an opportunity to manage the money of the Sofia Municipality and appeared as a candidate for mayor of Sofia. You can draw your own conclusions when Manolova is telling the truth and when she wants to work for the people and when she wants to cash in on her rating, “the minister added. Sacheva said the government’s plans are for unemployment.

Nearly 220,000 employees will keep their jobs under the 60/40 measure

“We intend to invest between BGN 120-160 million in programs related to the employment of unemployed people with subsidized employment, so that about 100,000 people who have lost their jobs can regain their employment. In the last 10 days, unemployment has returned to the levels at which the crisis started – an average of about 1,300 people a day are registered as unemployed, “she said.

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