Minister of State for Health KK Shylaja said there would be a proliferation of Kovid in the state


Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister KK Shailaja has said that there is an increase in the spread of Kovid in the state. When it comes to people from outside Kerala, things like where they come from can be difficult to compile and anticipate. “It is dangerous for organizations to bring in people without informing the government,” he said. If the quarantine is not met, the situation will be serious. The situation is expected as the number of patients increases. Health Minister KK Shailaja reminded that those who are under surveillance will have to pay a heavy price if they violate the instructions.

The Home Quarantine is better than the government system. “It is a good thing that the Center has approved it,” he said. Kerala is ready to tackle the increasing number of patients. The Minister explained that the plan has been prepared as Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. At the same time, Kovid was worried about Kannur’s treatment of other ailments. Kovid confirmed this to four people, including a resident of Kasargod, who was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a head injury. The health department said that an expert committee has been appointed to investigate these cases separately and there are no indications of community expansion.

Six health workers at Kannur District Hospital and Thalassery General Hospital have already been infected. The Department of Health is investigating how Kovid has spread in both areas. Increasing number of unrelated cases is a major challenge for the health department.

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