Minister is not in a hurry to tackle N35: “That is worrying”


Where the province of Overijssel cannot wait to widen the N35 further, Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen seems to be less in a hurry. “The House called on her to make agreements with us in the first quarter of 2020,” said Provincial Executive Bert Boerman. “We don’t have an appointment yet, which is worrying.”

The N35 is only getting busier. This is evident from a traffic investigation into the road, carried out by the central government and the province of Overijssel. Boerman therefore wants to widen the section between Wijthmen and Nijverdal and increase the maximum speed to 100 kilometers per hour.

Boerman wants to talk to the minister quickly, because time is running out. According to the deputy, it may just take ten years before the first shovel goes into the ground. “So if we don’t start now, traffic will stop on the N35.”

“This is a cause for concern”

But the minister is not yet giving at home. “We don’t have an appointment yet to discuss financing, for example,” Boerman says. “Sure there is corona, that makes it more difficult. But it is worrying.”

The deputy suspects that Van Nieuwenhuizen wants to postpone the agreement until after the summer, after the MIRT meeting. During this consultation, the minister discusses, among other things, the financing of infrastructure projects.

The costs of tackling the N35 are now estimated at EUR 475-500 million. Although the N35 is a national road, the province wants to contribute about 120 million euros.

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