Minister De Crem understands the request for clarity …


Minister of the Interior Pieter De Crem (CD&V) understands Horeca Vlaanderen’s request to clarify a possible reopening on June 8 faster than June 3. “There is indeed little time in between to make the necessary preparations,” says De Crem. He hopes to provide clarity as soon as possible.

A re-opening of catering establishments – with the necessary security measures – is part of phase 3 of the government’s exit strategy, which is provisionally scheduled to take effect on Monday 8 June. Whether it can actually take effect is decided by the National Security Council on 3 June, the previous Wednesday.

Horeca Flanders finds that time between the decision and the effective reopening, between Wednesday and Monday, too short. She asks for clarity more quickly to be able to prepare, make purchases and take the necessary measures. Minister De Crem understands this. “It is a legitimate question that that decision be made earlier. Between Wednesday and Monday, there is effectively little time to prepare all those things. ”

According to De Crem, this would be a good time to announce this in the coming week. “But it is the Security Council that may or may not give the green light.”

This green light is partly dependent on the reproduction number, which shows how many other people an infected person transmits the virus on average. “That has increased in recent days, but it is not abnormal in a phase of relaxation,” says De Crem.

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