Military low-level flight path above region deleted


Sat 30 May 2020 11.10 am

DOKKUM – The military low-level flight route, which partly crosses northeast Friesland (roughly from Anjum via Drachten) towards Meppel, has been deleted. On Friday 29 May, State Secretary Barbara Visser informed the House of Representatives about this. Despite the fact that the Ministry of Defense has no longer used the route since 2002, the option for putting the route into use was still there. In October 2019, the province of Fryslân formally expressed its support for the cancellation of the route. The province considers this to be a success.

At the end of February, the Provincial States passed a motion calling on a widely supported lobby to kick off the low-flight route. The provincial government responded to this. Municipalities and the province worked together in the process.


Noise nuisance and potentially dangerous situations around the aerodrome in Drachten were stepped up by the Defense organization in 2002 to suspend the route. Only the route, which partly ran over eastern Friesland, always survived on paper.

The route was discussed in the fall of 2019 in the Airspace Revision project of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and Defense. The province of Fryslân submitted a view to delete the low-level flight route in its entirety. In the response that followed, Defense indicated that it felt the need to put the route back into use.

At the beginning of this year, it turned out that the low-level flight route still fell outside the Airspace Revision project. Shortly afterwards, a strange motion followed in the Provincial Council and a petition. The decision of State Secretary Visser ends the existence of the low-level flight path.

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